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Maggiano's Little Italy is an American casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine. The company was founded in Chicago's River North neighborhood, at Clark Street and Grand Avenue, in 1991 by Rich Melman's Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE), and was named after Melman's late partner, Marvin Magid. The concept was acquired by Brinker International, Inc. in August 1995 from Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. As of June 24, 2015, there were 52 locations throughout 22 states and the District of Columbia.

One angry customer said this about Maggiano's Little Italy on TripAdvisor: At Maggiano's Little Italy we had a super long wait for our meal and not all of the entrees were brought out at the same time. Server kept his head down and didn't respond the two times we tried to get his attention. He brought out deserts for 2 family members before the rest had even had a chance to order. Missed several requests for coffee and crime. I could go on but honestly it was the lamest service I've had in a long time east coast or west.


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Former Employee - Busser/Runner says

"The last Manager was a Pain and the servers think that you have to do everything that they said if not you dont get pay"

Former Employee - Multiple Positions says

"I have worked at 3 different locations (different states as I have moved) and all management and AD’s play favorites. No trust, theft all the time, workers smoke pot in the bathrooms during their shifts, staff drinks during their shifts, long hours. It’s always a bunch of promises that end up being broken."

Former Employee - Banquet Server says

"The management was awful. They made you feel bad for getting your tips and acted like you were annoying them by doing so."

Current Employee - Server says

"The staff will make you hate every day of your job. The lead employees gossip, are rude to you, and very unprofessional especially at this location. There are unwarranted confrontations and anxiety filled nights. Coworkers will go out and drink and gossip about you, come back and lie to your face and spread more lies, it's worse than high school. On top of that, the clientele are awry; under tip or don't tip at all, because this has turned into a bargain company. Seriously, I'll go to greet a table and they'll interrupt saying 'y'all still have that free pasta right?' absolutely mad. The tip out is reasonable but inconvenient to pay in cash every night, when you get undertipped you won't have the money to pay. When I addressed my concerns it was barely acknowledged; managers have their favorites and believe them. I guess if you just keep your head down and can be two-faced, then you'll love it here."

Former Employee - Server says

"Terrible managers , they don’t respond to anyone’s change in availability.. it’s like this want you to cancel yourself out . High turnover rate ofcourse .. just isn’t a good place to work at all."

Former Employee - Bartender says

"Thanks for providing your feedback on your experience with Maggiano's! Please feel free to email me directly at to discuss your concerns further."

Maitre d' (Current Employee) says

"This was a great place to work at 5 years ago but every season we’d get new management or chefs. Management shows favoritism and bias towards certain employees and promotions only go to those most favored and who are friends with management. They speak about family and working together but no one communicated as far as schedule changes or other important info an employee may need. You also get reprimanded for not being available even though it can be your day off. They are also losing money everyday to to allowing guests to get free food. Next to the mallA lot"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This place used to be the best company I ever worked for; but that changed. Corporate doesn’t care about the teammates that are actually working their butts off in the restaurants, they take sides with teammates who complain and don’t even give you the opportunity to tell your side of things, expect you to have no life outside of the restaurant,(I’m talking work 80+ hours a week and never allowed to take a day off) don’t support you even when you ask for help, and worst of all when they fired me for a BS reason they paid me in an untimely manner. Good riddance Maggianos and Brinker. Won’t be surprised if I see you’ve gone bankrupt in the next few years. It’s used to be about the guest and hospitality and they cared about their employees... not anymore. Also, I’m pretty sure the management team is racist."

Server (Former Employee) says

"I'll be short and to the point. I went to work at the Maggiano's Galleria location in Houston shortly after moving to Houston. The serving staff that was there when I started was not warm or welcoming to new servers, nor did they take an interest in getting to know me. Within 6 months of me employment 80% of the serving staff had turned over, unfortunately server turn over is a common thing there. Why? Looks are deceiving, and the clientele began to slowly change (Buy one, get one free is not the type of environment that residents living in the galleria area sre interested in) and there was NO financial stability from one week to the next. It was the most disappointing serving job I've ever endured."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"maggianos wasn't the best place to work at. the environment was hostile the managers never did there job and made others do it. They don't pay you on time."

Food Server (Former Employee) says

"Eight double shifts in a row scheduled. Company does everything for the customer at the sacrifice of their employees well being. Slave drivers. Not recommended"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Spent or should I say wasted 4 weeks of my time training and I think in 4 weeks time including my training pay I made about $500. Spent alot of money on parking and commuting into Boston. Very unfair to new hires. They have no system when it comes to seating parties, a good establishment will rotate seating so every server gets their share. I went home with $16 on a Monday lunch, then the following Thursday lunch I went home with $14 after tipping my advice is to stay away from this company, ."

Server (Former Employee) says

"If I could give 0 stars I would. First off training was horrible as it felt extremely rushed, especially for a more "upscale" restaurant. You are required to jump through multiple hoops just to finally get on the floor & serve with just 5 days of training. Managers did not help much at all. Instead they sit back to watch you fail & hound you once you slip up. No help here. They seem to blame the servers for all the issues regardless if it was a guest, kitchen, host mistake. It didn't matter. I felt very unstable at this job as favoritism was extremely apparent. Another thing I hated here was you are to document all sales which determine where you are in their tier system, which determines how many shifts per week you can get. When I was first hired hostess told me the turn over rate at this place was ridiculous. Another big thing about this place is how much free food they give away! With most meals order you get a take home pasta which can take so much extra time away from being of service to the guests. Very little, to sometimes NO busser or food runner help whatsoever. Flip your own tables like some sort of cafe style ran restaurant. We also had to box up guests unfinished food in the back which might I add is a HUGE health hazard to all workers in the back. I've never heard of an establishment that does that. Very bad experience and I'm glad I got out when I did!"

Restaurant Server (Former Employee) says

"Was very terrible is all I can say. If you're a female be prepared to be harassed. If you have female problems expect to be treated even more unfairlyThank you very much for sharing your experience with our brand. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a response. Please reach out to us directly at to discuss your concerns further."

Host (Former Employee) says

"You only make tips when you work carryout , you do not get benefits or time off as well , and people treat you so horrible . Also the general manager is unprofessionalThank you very much for sharing your experience with our brand. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a response. Please reach out to us directly at to discuss your concerns further."

Busser (Former Employee) says

"The management plays too many games and never own up to their mistakes, thats why the good managers have ditched this place for better opportunities and the bad ones have stayed. They play favoritism, they harass too much and they don't take reports of harassment serious. They even have roaches around the restaurant and sometimes they have rats. I have only seen one rat during holiday season, as for the roaches they are spread out. When it gets reported to the management they just take it as get paid for workingeverything elseThank you very much for sharing your experience with our brand. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a response. Please reach out to us directly at to discuss your concerns further."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Dont no body wanted to work or come in had me on both side washing an cleaning by myself just alot of mess an bs at this job soo yea thats all i have too say"

Junior Receiver (Current Employee) says

"The day starts with a front of house meeting. Some days two teammates call out, will not be there, usually Monday or Tuesday. It helps if you know someone or are related to someone in order to get a job. If you are not one of these things, people will make your life difficult.nonesee above"

Catering Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Working at this place was a stress pit! The managers are too pushy and it there isn't enough training to make you feel comfortable with doing your job!Thank you very much for sharing your experience with our brand. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a response. Please reach out to us directly at to discuss your concerns further."

Busser/Food Runner (Former Employee) says

"•Lack of leadership •un-appreciative If you're good at what you do, you're stuck doing that one thing, no room to grow. There is black mold in the building and Management knows that you can smell it in the air. They're not gonna do anything bout it. People feel sick inside the building because of it.Thank you very much for sharing your experience with our brand. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a response. Please reach out to us directly at to discuss your concerns further."

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pay is horrible. GM is horrible. Restaurant is operated in the most horrible way. If you want a miserable life and a horrible job, this place is for you. Boston location is HORRIBLE!!! And they are closing down the location, not going to tell the employees until the last second. Google the location in Boston (motormart parking garage) Developers are knocking it down and building a skyrise apartment building. Horrible place to work. Absolutely horrible.Some good hearted staff (servers, boh cooks)General manager steals from the business and has done so for quite some time now.Thank you very much for sharing your experience with our brand. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a response. Please reach out to us directly at to discuss your concerns further."

Banquet Server (Former Employee) says

"The GM of the restaurant cares only about money and does not care about any other humans beside himself. The management team is not nice to any employees under the captain position. Tips are not guaranteed either so you could end up making no money for weeks. They don't recycle either.Thank you for your response and we appreciate your feedback regarding our brand. Please contact me directly at to discuss further."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Management is to blame for why this establishment is no longer an amazing place to work. They often need to be prompted by employees to do their jobs correctly. They over staff so they can keep their numbers where they need to be, however this action currently keeps staff from making a livable wage. They are on power trips so high that no amount of "employee feedback" ever results in positive changes in the work place. Management has made it very clear that they are above the team, not part of it. Staff are not valued. The turn over is high, but management takes no accountability for this. Management is the root of this company's downfall. It's really a shame that a regular day at Maggiano's consists of staff fighting the urge to walk out in the middle of their shifts because the staff to business ratio is incredibly imbalanced. This is directly a fault to management. Management will typically neglect to schedule support staff. This results in employees working areas outside their stations while not being compensated for the extra work they do. Overall, this place is in desperate need of new management who actually knows how to manage people and make them feel valued in the work place. It would also be nice if employee concerns were taken seriously and actually could kick start positive changes into motion.50 percent off employee meals. Fellow employees (Not management) made working enjoyable.Very poor management, Poor ethics, Disrespectful, Employees made to feel dispensable and replaceable.Thank you for providing your feedback! We appreciate you sharing your experience with the brand. Please contact me directly at to discuss further."

Line Cook/Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"Mangament staff not on the same page to many people get away with not coming to work or being late management give perfer days off to long time people"

Waiter/Server (Former Employee) says

"New GM turned the place downhill. Doesn't care about employees. Only that they sell featured dishes. Awful corporate atmosphere. You're nothing but a#Wine training and service standards.Awful management / too much side work."

Lead Host (Former Employee) says

"It a great place if you are under 50 and you have no work ethic I enjoyed my job until the new GM came in last fall. 2017 Most of my co-workers are great people.It can be funThe new manager seems to dislike older employees. Oh and hits"

shalinda miller says

"If I could give them 0 stars, than I would’ve. The fact That they have all these horrible reviews and still hasn’t done anything about them or address any concerns is alarming. I’m located in a military base, first time being in the area considering that I was on active orders due to two hurricanes in the south. The dasher got lost and started yelling at me on the phone. I had to walk two roads down just to meet her.she slung my food at me. She implied that I was stupid and told me that I could’ve gave her better instructions. She cursed, hopped back in her car and sped off. My food was completely cold and my burger was all over the place. I will never used door dash ever again. I actually uninstalled the app because thats the worst food service I ever experienced. Completely ridiculous"

Daniel H says

"Same as everyone else’s experience, slow poor experience. Annoyingly Schnitz only use these guys no idea why. Unhygienic, cold food. 30 mins late. No way to contact driver. Bad tech, clunky Digital contact centre. Just a crap service all round 3 times now lol gotta do better than that to compete with Uber"

Daniel Tindall says

"Just dont use them . Even if you do get one good delivery, you will get three bad ones ."

Sandra Lent says

"Ordered Chili's and it took over an hour to come. Every time I checked the app the delivery time changed getting later and later. When my food arrived it was cold and the drinks were watered down. The delivery driver was very nice and explained that they gave him 3 deliveries and mine was the last. Thanks for ruining my dinner Even the kid's didn't want to eat it."